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Plastering Plus Northwest is dedicated to maintaining satisfied customers and installation techniques that meet or exceed industry standards. Our priority is advocating for our customers and assuring that our work is not compromised by inadequately installed details, that may lead to future water intrusion. The most effective way for us to accomplish this is excelling at the critical details that were often sequenced separately from our scopes of work. So, what IS the Plus? The Plus is a contractor that is equipped to self-perform the entire exterior building envelope. This applies to projects we complete as a subcontractor, direct to the owner, large or small, new or in need of remediation. With specialty crews to erect scaffolding, sheathing or framing rot repairs, install GWB, liquid or paper WRB, install various types of exterior claddings, windows, and complete the critical details of flashings and sealants.


Plastering Plus Northwest continues to invest in its employees, company and community. Retaining skilled and dependable crews is a large part of our success. We are members of the AGC, NWCB, Local #2 (Bricklayers) and Local #528 - (Cement Masons and Plasterers Union). We pay competitive wages to our non-union employees, along with offering fuel efficient commuter cars, health care, and matching HSA / 401k (6%!) programs. Many of our employees have been with us since the beginning of Plastering Plus.

We consistently reinvest in the company by adding equipment that is of value to our customers and eliminates third party variables. Scaffold, hoists, lifts, etc. We not only have the equipment available for our projects, we are equipped to transport it ourselves. By following this business model, we maintain steady work opportunities for our crews, avoiding slow-downs and layoffs.

Contributing to our community is highly valued at Plastering Plus. Plastering Plus contributes through materials and services to community projects and non-profits. Employees and principals of Plastering Plus regularly volunteer time, materials and funds to local causes and non-profits.