What is a Building Envelope?

The building envelope includes all the building components that separate the indoors from the outdoors. Building envelopes include exterior walls, foundations, roof, windows and doors. The building envelope should keep out temperature extremes, moisture, dust and wind. It should not permit weather elements to be trapped inside the walls and at the same time, permit water vapor to exit.

Installing drainable cladding systems, with proper flashings and sealants is our specialty. We often check on our past projects and contact owners or the original general contractor if we see deferred maintenance that should be addressed, to avoid costly repairs down the road.

Preventing issues with your building envelope is the best protection against costly repairs. Implementing a maintenance program whether self performed, performed by others or Plastering Plus Northwest, is a necessity. What should your maintenance program include?

  • Monitoring Sealants / Caulking and replacing when needed
  • Clearing gutters of debris and ensuring downspouts are draining properly
  • Monitoring cladding for holes / cracks, repairing as needed to ensure against water intrusion
  • Monitor decks for standing water, ensure slope is adequate and replace deck coatings as needed
  • Monitor for growth on outside walls, pressure wash annually to remove buildup
  • Monitor condition of painted wall claddings, repaint if chipping or peeling occurs
  • Assessing flashings and whether they are performing as intended
  • Preventing the accumulation of ice, snow and debris on roofs


View a Sample Maintenance Building Assessment